Great Retirement Communities


Communities Organized by Ages of Residents

The term "retirement community" can mean a number of things.  Most people think of planned developments in which residents are all of the same age, of the same socio-economic background and playing golf all day.  And many communities are just that, but others attract retirees because they have a variety of residents, including young families and empty nesters.  These developments are for "all ages."  Age-targeted communities attract all ages but usually have a majority of residents who are in their 40s and older.  In age-restricted communities a significant majority of residents are required by law to be at least 55 years old.   There are also variations on these types of developments.  Some are targeted to people in their 50s; some require residents to be at least 62.  

All Ages 
(families with children, couples, empty nesters, retirees, etc.)
Age Targeted 
(all ages but marketed to those 45+)
Age Restricted 
(majority of residents must be 55+)










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