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Silver Sage Village, Boulder, Colorado

Beautiful Boulder, at the base of the Rockies in north central Colorado, is the site of Silver Sage Village, one of the country's first 55+ co-housing communities. 

Heritage Todd Creek, Thornton, Colorado

Thornton is north of Denver in north central Colorado and is the site of Heritage Todd Creek, a 55+ community with beautiful duplexes and single family homes. Amenities include a golf course, a salt water pool, tennis courts, planned outings and invigorating Rocky Mountian views.

Villas at Pleasant Valley, Longmont, Colorado

At the base of the Rocky Mountains in north central Colorado, Longmont is an inviting town and the site of the Villas at Pleasant Valley, a small 55+ community with town homes. Amenities include a clubhouse and inspiring vistas.



Colorado has highs and lows -- literally. The record low temperature was minus 60 degrees with a high at 112 degrees. Spanish explorers visited the area in the 1500s, and Juan de Ulibarri claimed it for Spain two centuries later in 1706. Eastern Colorado was part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, the middle came along with Texas in 1845, when Texas became a state, and the Western section arrived last in 1848, due to the Mexican War. Although it arrived piecemeal, Colorado is a thriving and often lofty place to live, with the Rockies being a focal point and Denver a bustling metropolis.

This state has the highest average elevation in the U.S., with peaks over 10,000 feet and some over 14,000 feet. Pikes Peak was discovered by an army lieutenant called Zebulon Pike, in 1806. Agriculture and mining were its two main industries but currently, the service industry, printing and publishing, food, electrical instruments, and machinery are the major ones. Colorado serves as a transportation and communication hub for the Rocky Mountain area, and Denver Airport is huge, and can operate under blizzard and gray-out conditions (some of the time).

Farming is important to the economy here, and livestock, wheat, hay and corn are grown. Colorado attracts thousands of tourists every year with its spectacular scenery, skiing that's world-class, Mesa Verde National Park, Dinosaur National Monument, Great Sand Dunes National Monument, and the all-around healthy lifestyle of its people. There are many outdoor activities to take part in and this is one of the major draws of this state.


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