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Cinderberry, Georgetown, Delaware

Georgetown is in central Delaware, about 15 miles from the beach, and is the site of Cinderberry, a 50+ community with single level single family homes and town homes (duplexes). Amenities include a clubhouse with a library and a swimming pool.


Delaware may be tiny but it means a lot to its 845,000 residents. Some famous people and celebrities who were born in Delaware include Valerie Bertinelli (actress) Richard Allen (founder of the African Methodist Episcopal Church), Robert Montgomery Bird (artist and writer), Felix Darley (artist), Annie Jump Cannon (astronomer), Henry S. Canby (author and editor), Elizabeth Margaret Chandler (author), E.I. du Pont (industrialist), Oliver Evans (inventor), and John Dickinson (statesman).

Delaware was a slave state but stayed in the Union during the Civil War. A gunpowder mill was built in near Wilmington in 1802 and this laid the base for Delaware's big chemical industry. Main products now include textiles, paper, vulcanized fiber, medical supplies, machine tools and machinery, metal products, and automobiles. The state pioneered the food canning industry and grows a lot of hay, potatoes, soybeans and corn. Broiler chicken farms are big here. Dairy products and fishing are other large industries.

A few popular sites to visit are the Hagley Museum, the Delaware Museum of Natural History, and the oldest Protestant church still in use today - Holy Trinity Church, which was built in 1698. Recreational areas which are popular include the Delaware seashore, Cape Henlopen, Rehoboth Beach, and Trap Pond State Park.


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