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Almost 8,800,000 residents lived in New Jersey, and the state's early colonial history was tied in with that of New York because New Jersey was part of New York at that time. When the Dutch surrendered to England, New Jersey became an English colony. The colony was divided in two in 1676, with the Quakers owning half. In 1738, New Jersey parted ways with New York and got its own governor. It did see a lot of the fighting during the American Revolution.

New Jersey produces products from over 15,000 factories, and they can be delivered overnight to about 60 million people, earning it the nickname of the Crossroads of the East. The state's biggest industry is chemicals, and many oil refineries are in the north part. Other things made in New Jersey include instruments, machinery, pharmaceuticals, apparel, and electrical goods. The state has almost 1,000,000 acres of good farmland, which is about 20% of New Jersey's entire land area. It has a high production of garden vegetables, peaches, cranberries, blueberries, dairy products, seafood, and poultry. The state's nickname is the Garden State, and there are hundreds of resort areas on the 127 miles along its Atlantic coastline. Voters approved legalized gambling in 1977 and this is centered in Atlantic City. Other attractions include the Edison Natl. Historic Site, the Delaware Water Gap, Liberty State Park, Princeton University, the New Jersey State Aquarium, and Jersey City.



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