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Sterling Place, Lakeland, Tennessee

Lakeland is in southwestern Tennessee and is the location of Sterling Place, a small, quiet 55+ community with single family homes.

Reid Hill Commons, Franklin, Tennessee

Franklin is in central Tennessee and is the setting for Reid Hill Commons, a small, quiet 55+ community with red brick homes, walking trails and neighborhood gatherings.

Lake Tansi Village, Crossville, Tennessee

Crossville is in rolling East Tennessee and is the setting for Lake Tansi Village, a wooded waterfront community popular with vacation home owners and retirees. Amenities include four lakes, a marina, a beach, two clubhouses, restaurants and a golf course. Prices come in a wide range.

Tellico Village, Loudon, Tennessee

In lush eastern Tennessee, Tellico Village is a large, establshed community on the shores of sparkling Tellico Lake. It has single family homes, town homes, wooded neighborhoods, three golf courses, a yacht club, a marina and a wide range of home prices.

Rarity Bay, Vonore, Tennessee

Vonore is rolling eastern Tennessee and is the setting for Rarity Bay, an all ages waterfront community that caters to empty nesters and retirees. Single family homes and condominiums come in a wide price range, and amenities include boat docks, an equestrian center, riding trails, a tennis and swim club, a golf course and much more.

Sunset Bay, Sharps Chapel, Tennessee

In eastern Tennessee, Sharps Chapel is the location of Sunset Bay, an all ages lakeside community with a marina, a wide variety of home styles and a good selection of prices.

Colonial Village, Lebanon, Tennesee

In central Tennessee Lebanon is the setting for Colonial Village, a 55+ community with attached homes, single family homes, gardening plots, a clubhouse, a swimming pool and more.


De Soto first visited the area in 1540 and later on, England and France wanted the land. Great Britain won out after the French and Indian wars of 1763. Settlers called the new state Franklin, in the mid-1780s. The region was allowed to send representatives to the legislature and because of this, the concept of the new state was abandoned at that time. The state joined the union in 1796.

Tennessee joined up with the Confederacy in the Civil War, but there were still a lot of pro-Union residents and the state was the scene of a lot of fighting. Tennessee is now mostly industrial, and a majority of the residents live in urban areas. They produce textiles, chemicals, electrical machinery, apparel, leather goods, and furniture. Other things that the state makes, include lumber, processed food, metal products, and primary metals. They produce a lot of pyrite, zinc, marble, and ball clay. There's a lot of tobacco grown in Tennessee, but other income is derived from dairy products, livestock, nursery and greenhouse products, as well as cotton.

An entity called the Tennessee Valley Authority runs several dams and reservoirs in the state. A few of the numerous points of interest are the Great Smoky Mountains Natl. Park, the Hermitage (home of Andrew Jackson), the American Museum at Oak Ridge (atomic energy), three national military parks, and Rock City Gardens (Chattanooga).

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