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Washington is the Pacific Northwest state just south of the Canadian border, and it has approximately 6 1/4 million residents. Washington territory, part of Oregon Country, was visited by the Americans, the British, and the Spanish. Lewis and Clark trekked across the Columbia River region and other coastal areas in 1806 and 1805. There were conflicts between British and American settlers in the 1840s. There was no war, because the Oregon Treaty set boundaries in 1846.

The state produces a lot of lumber and this comes from their many hemlock, Douglas fir, ponderosa and white pines, larch, cedar, and spruce trees. It is number one in production of lentils, apples, hops, dried peas, pears, spearmint oil, red raspberries, and sweet cherries. It also grows a lot of apricots, potatoes, grapes, asparagus, and peppermint oil. Farmers raise livestock and the state has a commercial fishing industry with salmon, bottom fish, and halibut providing protein for the rest of the country. There are several manufacturing industries in Washington and these include making missiles and aircraft, shipbuilding, food processing, lumber, metals, machinery, chemicals, and transportation equipment.

The state has an incredible 1,000 dams or more, and these include the Grand Coulee. Their purposes are varied and they are used for power production, irrigation, water storage, and flood control. There are many attractions in Washington and a few of these include North Cascades Natl. Park, Mount Rainier, the Whitman Mission, Ft. Vancouver Natl. Historic Sites, the Pacific Science Center, and a very pointy monument called the Space Needle, which is in Seattle.

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